In 2013 I moved to Germany from California to experience something new.  I moved back to California in August 2022 to be close to my family again.  I’ve worked as a System Administrator since 2006 and moved into a cloud engineer role in 2015 and for the last few years have been writing software.


Software Engineer, Paessler AG, October 2021 –  Current

I’m currently working on developing a new tool in Rust to query customer’s internal systems for monitoring data.  I also removed a large portion of technical debt by migrating test targets from being run locally in Gitlab runners for integration tests to using Kubernetes to create the test targets at test time and destroyed directly thereafter.  I’ve also been working on writing an Ansible Collection in Python for our product.

Software Engineer, IONOS SE, April 2021 – September 2021

During my time at IONOS, I worked on a team that moved a legacy Django application from being deployed with Ansible and run on VMs to being deployed with ArgoCD and run on Kubernetes.  

We also removed a significant amount of technical debt in the project that had built up over the previous 10 years and were able to reduce and make the SQL queries being made to the Postgres database much more efficient thereby reducing the pressure on the DB.

Cloud Engineer, Paessler AG, February 2016 – April 2021

As a cloud engineer at Paessler I have worked on a team of 3 backend and 2 frontend developers to create automation and orchestration microservices in Python and Vue.js that allow Paessler AG to manage over 1000 EC2 instances running our software in the cloud for our SaaS offering.  I worked on the project from pre-beta through to release and maintenance.

To accomplish the level of innovation and agility necessary for such a small team to run this level of operations, we developed using SCRUM and built the team on the DevOps principles and were able to accomplish up to 40 releases a day.

In addition to this product, I also created 4 separate microservices that are used by our customers or our company internally.  A geolocation service that is used in PRTG for locating devices, the push notification service used by PRTG for it’s push notifications, multi-region ping and HTTP sensors that are built into PRTG and a custom ADFS authentication endpoint for our support staff.

Lastly, I worked on an IoT platform project written in Node.js and Vue.js using microfrontends and microservices with which customers could send data from various IoT networks and protocols to our cloud platform. With the platform customers can visualize, report and analyze the data coming in in near real time.  I architected and developed this project from concept until beta on a team with 6 other full stack developers.

Senior Systems Administrator, Paessler AG, March 2013 – February 2016

I rebuilt our network topology with proper network segmentation and routing protocols and pushed our transition to the cloud using AWS to store our support data, run our demo instances and store and evaluate our CDN logs. I also transitioned the company from Exchange to Exchange Online and rebuilt the entire VMware infrastructure which runs over 800 virtual machines and moved the machines live to the new system. 

Systems Administrator, Think Together, July 2011 – March 2013

By setting up an MPLS network that spanned 9 different locations, I was able to eliminate many costly routers and VPN connections. I also set up WLAN at all 9 offices so that laptop users could move freely around the offices. I automated many manual tasks with scripts and open source software such as Clonezilla, ProFTPd and Ansible in order to free up more of our IT resources, and implemented a print control system that reduced print waste by over 25%.

Junior System Administrator, Blue Cava, February 2011 – June 2011

I automated the process for spinning up VM’s using templates and scripts and used that to build a pre-production environment for QA to test changes to the hundreds of web servers that the company used to run their product.  I also set up Active Directory policies and rules with other script customizations for the control of user accounts, PCs, and Macs.



English – Native Speaker

German – C1 Fluency


Master, Business Administration

Keller School of Management, 2010 – 2012

Associate of Arts, German

Cerritos College, 2009 – 2011

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems

DeVry University, 2002 – 2006

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