TL:DR – This conference is really great as it’s put together by a group of people who aren’t tied to any company or beholden to any set of ideals, they just love monitoring 🙂 . There was a lot of opendiscourse not only about monitoring in the technical sense but also about the human side of monitoring which isn’t something that gets a lot of press.

The main thing I learned: We need to shift our focus about what we monitor.


The conference was in the Compagnietheater which was a beautiful venue.  There were only 400 people in attendance but from the many discussions that I had, they were the upper echelon of the monitoring community. I met and talked with quite a few people, including some of the top people who run monitoring operations for Apple, Yahoo, the BBC and Standard Chartered Bank.  Through these discussions that I had, I learned a lot about what companies are looking for and what the future of monitoring will likely look like.  These are the guys that are investing time and money into the open source projects that are used by millions of people like graphite, grafana, prometheus, icinga and are shaping the future of monitoring through those initiatives.

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